When reading financial blogs, you often come across phrases such as “extra income” or slogans like “maximize income, invest later”. Sometimes we raise this topic among our friends and we often hear sentences like: “It’s easy to say – a man comes back tired from work, kids, and it takes a bit of rest. So when are you still taking additional orders here? I do not have time for it”. We often live in a comfort zone, afraid of change. Credit, family support – and work is a treasure that must be guarded at all costs. How to get free money?

Earning by safely multiplying capital

You can follow what people invest in and also try it yourself. What’s more, you can copy my investments and transactions and make the same profits as me. You can invest from 50 bucks!. If anyone claims to be able to achieve better results at low risk, let them prove it.

free money getting

Saving on food

Food is one of the biggest costs in the home budget. We spend a lot on these little pleasures – coffee, beer in the city, fast-food or a spontaneous trip with friends. If you need money, start giving up such unnecessary expenses. It was even more painful for me to realize how much food could potentially be wasted. Although we have always tried not to throw away food, regularly eaten yogurt, dried ham or other small things landed in the trash. Along with the household budget, it is time to plan how much we spend on eating at home and buying as much as we need exactly for a given week – so that as little time as possible breaks down. Such menu planning quickly generated additional savings. Absolutely and under no circumstances we encourage you to save on the quality of food – this is the basis of our lives. However, we encourage you to verify whether by accident we do not run out of money for snacks or unnecessary stupidity. 

Sell ​​unnecessary items

The easiest way to do this is through the Internet on portals with free classifieds. By posting ads on several websites, you significantly increase the chance of selling unnecessary things.

Another option is the traditional pawnshop. The downside of pawnshops is that they often buy only valuable things, such as precious stones, jewelry, electronics and household appliances.

There are many ways to sell an unnecessary item. You may once found in the basement 3 headlights from your dad’s car, which was sold 2 years ago. Headlights sold “off the spot” in the purchase of auto parts for quite an affordable amount.

Clothes – buy and sell on portals

Clothes are not worth the price! Clothes in shops or shopping malls are extremely expensive. This can be seen in particular during discounts. 60% cheaper and the store still makes money on it? For those who are still not convinced to buy at stationary second hand shop, in particular I recommend secondhandy online – there are several of them on the network – clothes are often new, often with a tag. Price? Many times lower than storefront. In addition, on such sites, you can exchange your clothes for others.



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