Do you want to start working on your muscles but don’t know where to start? At first, your task should be to break the stagnation. We mean the moment when the increase in muscle mass literally stops and even if you do your best, the weight does not twitch. How to gain muscle?

Where to start

First of all, from setting a specific goal and believing that you can achieve it! Once you get through this first obstacle, it’s time to set your next goal. It is possible that this will be a change of wardrobe, because existing clothes may suddenly become strangely tight. However, you really have to believe that you are able to build a Megasillette! So don’t give up on the first moment of stagnation; do not give in to monotony. At first, the theory seems fairly simple to use in practice: all you need to do is add calories, transfer the following discs to the banner, and prepare balanced meals. At some point, however, these repetitive activities are tedious. We bet it is then that many of you give up building muscle mass.

gaining muscle


We disappoint everyone who expects us to write a specific diet plan in this part. Based on the information here, you should be able to comprehend it yourself.

Returning a bit to “writing down meals”. A much better method (and more realistic to implement) is counting calories and macronutrients. In other words: if you know what to eat, you don’t need to have any meal list prepared. You will be able to compose them yourself, and by controlling calories and macronutrients, you will be able to control everything. Of course, for those crawling on the subject of nutrition, this will (at the beginning) involve reading caloric tables and macronutrients of various meals to “get to know the field.”

In this paragraph we will give basic information that will help you get started. We will not deal with other details. Think of this information as a “starter pack”, which will then need some improvement in the future. Anyway, everyone who trains with their head from time to time improves something in their diet and training. This is a natural result of learning about the subject and monitoring your own progress.

Building muscle mass is associated with the need for muscle stimulation. After all, only through regular exercise can we increase muscle fiber.

The training must be of general development nature (no muscle group can be omitted). Initially, the training volume in the contractual time of one week should not exceed 200 minutes. Over time, you can increase the length and number of training sessions (for start it is recommended to exercise 3-4 times a week).

Each subsequent training session should be more intense. Increasing training load stimulates muscles to grow even faster. It should be remembered that too big growth may result in overtraining. The load should be selected in such a way as to avoid the so-called muscle breakdown.


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